No pet is too big or too small. Join thousands of pet owners who trust Feathers & Fur to transport their pets swiftly and safely.


We make shipping easy. No shipment is too challenging for us. Our fleet is flexible, reliable and safe.


Daily delivery updates. You will get continuous schedule updates on when your pet will be picked-up and delivered.

Door to door, coast to coast pet transportation where your animal's health, safety, and sanity comes first.

Domestic Shipping

Most domestic pet shipments will be done  using our Mercedes Sprinter van. Your pet will have its own space in an individual kennel and will be walked regularly for potty breaks and exercise. Our vans are temperature controlled for your pet’s safety. We don’t discriminate on dog breeds. If your pet fits, we will ship it!

International Shipping

Pets shipped internationally will fly as a carry-on or cargo depending on the size and type of animal. Every country has different requirements for  pets entering. We work with experts that have delivered pets all over the world so that you don’t need to spend hours or days figuring out how to transport your pet. We can do it for you!

What Our Clients Say